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Okay, so I took this thing away from The Weather Girl, but maybe that was a mistake.  I'm pretty sure she updated it more than I did.


Well, here's an update.


The Weather Girl is in the running to write a "Happiness Blog" for some other website.  She begged me to mention it, and I can't stand it when she makes those puppy eyes at me, so here's the mention.


It would mean a lot to her.  You can vote here:

Once a day, every day for the next week.  She's down by about 7,000 votes, so she really needs the help.  It takes literally ten seconds.  You click on the link and click on the button.


Might as well pass it along to your friends and waste ten seconds of their time.


"If I win, that would be so cool!" The Weather Girl said. "I never win anything!"



A new website, a new blog.  I fired the Weather Girl (from blog writing anyway) because she was absolutely awful at it.  AWFUL.  And I figured that with a new website, I'd start again.


So here we are, doing this.  And it's fun!


This is something I found on YouTube, and it is awkwardly hilarious.



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